When startups raise HUGE amount of money!

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When startups had funds coming in endlessly, here’s how generous founders were 😛

But, the current state of our world economy is just layoffs, layoffs & layoffs!

Companies, new & old, big & small, are all laying off thousands of employees. Amazon let go 18,000 people. Meta cut 11,000 jobs.

In India alone, over 22,000+ employees were laid off by startups like BYJU’S, Lead, Unacademy, OYO, Meesho & more!

What’s causing this, you ask? Of course, it’s the lack of VC money or Funding Winter!

Almost a year back in June of 2022, most VCs warned their startups that they were on their own. So, every time they run out of money, they can’t go expecting more, at least for now.

Now, as you already know, we’ve strong opinions around how startups should be built. We aren’t against raising money. In fact, you should definitely raise capital if your business needs it and if that capital serves as a means to an end.

But that’s all funding should be about. A tool to grow your startup. Use it if you need it, and it’s fine if you don’t need it to grow your business.

The problem arises when funding becomes the only goal of your business and a benchmark of success in the community.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t harm to know how funding works in the startup world. Despite being bootstrapped for 6 years now, it always amuses me to see the abundance of terms & how things work in startup funding 😉

So, let’s test your knowledge with a quick quiz! 👇

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First, a very basic question, what is a unicorn startup?