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VCs when your startup idea's pitch does NOT contain the terms "ChatGPT", "AI", "Web3" 😢😢😢

GPT-4 just released and everyone’s raving about it. But the folks who’re most impressed on hearing “AI”, “ML” & “GPT” are VCs 😜

This is how VCs react when your startup’s pitch does NOT contain the terms “AI/ML”, “GPT-3”, “GPT-4", “GPT-51”, “GPT-541” 😂

Including all these fancy tech terms is possibly a way to impress VCs. But your customers really don’t give a f*ck whether you use AI/ML or do things manually.

Your startup's customer doesn't care about:

  • Your tech stack
  • Your flashy office
  • You're bootstrapped or VC-funded

It simply boils down to whether you are solving their problem.

So focus entirely on just that i.e. solving your customer’s problem. By doing whatever’s necessary.

If that means, you need sophisticated tech, so be it. But otherwise, don’t waste your time fantasising about or building fancy tech.

After all, you need to buildd your startup for your customer, not your investor 😉

On that note, let’s get to today’s quiz on startups!

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