When your startup's ENTIRE marketing strategy is a Product Hunt Launch 😭

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Many popular products got first launched on Product Hunt.

Zapier, Notion, Loom, Slack, Robinhood are among the top names!

But, Product Hunt is a highly competitive launch platform. And this is what happens when your startup's ENTIRE marketing strategy is launching on Product Hunt 😭

It’s super tough to make it to even the top 5 for the day.

Even if you do, you’d likely get a small spike in terms of paying customers. But the buzz will fade real quick and you’ll have to scratch your head again to bring in new customers.

A single launch event is no replacement for your entire marketing strategy.

Instead, you need to have a distribution engine in place with multiple channels to promote your product/content.

Of course, it’s easier said than done. It’ll take you a lot of time & effort to buildd your distribution clout. But once this is in place, you’ll have a real competitive advantage.

Some marketing channels you should definitely explore are SEO, Social Media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.) and other launch platforms like Reddit & HackerNews.

I’ll leave you with a lesson to remember forever.

Poor product with great distribution BEATS great product with poor distribution

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Aparna has built her startup MVP and is keen to launch it publicly. Which of the following platforms can Aparna use to launch her MVP?