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First-time founders expect a lot from their first startup launch!

They dream their product will go VIRAL. 1000s of users will instantly come in, and a large part of them would instantly pay.

But in reality, things turn out more like this:

Why does this happen though?

After spending many many sleepless nights for months working on your product.

Burning tens of 1000s of dollars on product development.

Perfecting each button, each user workflow, each page, and each word.

And writing the best launch copy there is.

Why is your phone still not pinging with endless stripe notifications?

Well, put simply:

Virality is a prayer, not a marketing strategy. You’re doomed if you bet your startup’s entire success on it!

So, what do you do then?

Keep buildd-ing, improving & launching!

There’s no way to engineer a “perfect” launch. All you can do is increase your chances of going “viral” by launching over & over.

Buildd. Launch. Iterate. Repeat!

Having said that, here’s a fun quiz to test your knowledge of buildd-ing startups! Let’s go 🚀

Question 1/8
What is the purpose of a beta test?