Startup founders when ONE user buys their $5/month plan 😂

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Imagine that you just started working on your new startup, and get a Stripe notification about your first paying customer!

Needless to say, you’d be thrilled just like Michael & Dwight. Even if the customer pays for a modest $5 or $10 monthly subscription.

The joy & excitement is unreal 😁

But earning your first dollar is not as easy as it sounds.

To crack our first deal, I remember that we had to:

- cold call & message on LinkedIn
- ask for referrals in our network
- discuss & modify contracts

It didn’t matter if we had the skill for any of the above or not. We just had to hustle and earn our first dollar in revenue to validate that we were onto something.

And, we gave a total of ZERO f*cks about processes & scaling 😅

Make your first $ without worrying about the process ⇒ Do everything you can to close the first sale!

Having said that, I truly believe sales is a superpower for an early-stage founder. So, we put together a fun quiz on the topic to test your knowledge. Go on & check it out!

Question 1/7
What is a sales funnel?