Every 1st-time startup founder when asked to choose between a) Marketing & b) Building new features

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Every first-time startup founder has to make this mistake! 😓

Most founders, just like me, feel they’re out of their comfort zone when they have to do marketing.

Building product, on the other hand, always seems more intuitive.

The harsh reality, however, is that:

You don't need more features. You need better marketing.

But, where do you start?

I often recommend starting with organic & scaling with paid channels.

Organic channels work well at the start when you have a limited budget. Also helps you find the right fit as you work patiently.

Paid channels then give a boost to all the work you put into organic.

Now, there are plenty of organic channels you can begin with — SEO blog, newsletter, Twitter, LinkedIn & so on. Pick 1 or 2, crack them & then move on to the next!

Before you rush to work on marketing, let’s test your startup & marketing knowledge with a fun quiz 😜

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What does the acronym "CTR" stand for in digital marketing?