Startup founders when reminded about marketing

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Remember this scene from The Office? Always gives me the vibe of a painful reminder to do marketing 😂

Tech founders, if not all, dread marketing! We’d love to peacefully buildd a great product in isolation, hoping to get an endless inflow of users without having to do marketing for it.

Sadly, that’s not how the world works.

In fact, the harsh reality of startups is:

Poor product with great distribution BEATS great product with poor distribution

You may have heard me saying this multiple times, but important lessons are worth repeating :)

So, what do you do?

Focus on marketing from day 1!

Now, you’d probably ask me how you could do marketing if your product isn’t ready yet.

Well, you don’t need a product to market your story, your idea & your solution.

You can:

  • share your personal story
  • talk about the problem you want to solve
  • critique existing solutions
  • share your product building experience

…and much more!

Do this, and you’ll end up with a strong community of supporters, who’ll give you a boost when you actually launch.

On that note, let’s get to today’s fun quiz on marketing!

Question 1/6
What does a high customer retention rate signify for a startup?