Chirag Khaire

Chirag Khaire

Wants to put a dent in the universe

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


3 yr, 4 mo
3 yr, 4 mo

Sep 2021

May 2018

Associate Editor

SpeedLight Studios • Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Full time On site
I served as an Associate Editor at Speedlight Studios from 2018 to 2021, where I played a crucial role in elevating visual content through skilled editing and cinematic videography. As an adept photo editor, I utilized Lightroom to enhance and transform images, ensuring a captivating final product. Moreover, I seamlessly merged my cinematic vision with my editing skills to create captivating videos using tools like Filmora and occasionally Premiere Pro. My responsibilities extended beyond editing as I embraced the role of a cinematic videographer and photographer for the studio. Collaborating closely with the team, I captured and crafted compelling visual stories that resonated with the audience. This diverse experience equipped me with a holistic perspective on visual storytelling, honing my eye for detail and my ability to deliver impactful content.




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