Karthik Sridharan

Karthik Sridharan

Co-founder & CEO at Flexiple ($3mn+ revenue, bootstrapped) & buildd.co | Helping Startup Enthusiasts at buildd.co


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Dec 2021


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At buildd, we are buildd-ing a one-stop platform to learn everything about startups & business from actual entrepreneurs. Join our community of startup enthusiasts to: 1. Read high-quality content 2. buildd your own learning journey 3. Share & curate content that others can benefit from We are making learning fun, memorable and long-lasting. Here's our goal with buildd explained: ------------------------ Entrepreneurship is close to our heart. Over the last 5 years, we have built multiple startups — succeeded in some, failed in others. It has been a million mistakes to reach a million dollars. However, the mistakes we made, were made by startups before us and are being made by startups after us. This cycle had to be broken. But current social networks have a LOT of advise - given out of context and with questionable credibility. They miss our basic need — actionable steps to grow our startup. For those like us buildd-ing startups, we need to belong, relate and learn from others who understand the journey we are on. So, we started buildd, a community for startup enthusiasts to grow our startup with the help of those who are pursuing the same goals. DON'T just consume content anymore. Join. Learn. Do. Grow. Thrive.
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Oct 2018


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We started out as just a repository of remote-first tools and then attempted to buildd a platform for remote-first product makers and remote workers to engage with each other. The goal with Remote Tools was to it easier for remote products with specific use-cases to cut through the noise and reach their target audience - be it beta users or paid subscribers in a more efficient manner. We attempted to buildd a remote community called Remote Clan along with this to facilitate our growth in the remote work industry. However, we were unsuccessful in this venture. Instead, we applied all the SEO knowledge we had gained to grow the traffic on our website to beyond a million visits a month. Now, we monetize that traffic through ads.
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Nov 2016


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@Flexiple (www.flexiple.com) - Connecting quality tech talent with top startups & companies. We have built an exclusive network of the Top 1% Freelance Developers & Designers. They work with fast-growing tech companies to build blockbuster tech products. Read what our clients have to say about our work: https://www.flexiple.com/clients
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May 2015

Jul 2012


J.P. Morgan
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Received offers to join three different teams at J.P. Morgan IB (London). Consistently a top-rated analyst of my batch. Consumer & Retail Team - Sell side for €550mn of a tobacco company, preparation of the teaser and information memorandum - Valuation analyses for strategic alternatives of a European pharma company with market cap >$500mn - Involved in deals and preparation of pitch books, valuation models and other marketing materials - Extensive use of financial modelling, eg. DCF, trading & transaction comparables, Leveraged Buy-out analysis M&A Team - Sole analyst creating roadshow content for 10 European corporates on synergies from M&A with US firms - Identified investment, strategic and acquisition opportunities by analysing prevalent M&A trends - Maximised synergies generated by M&A structuring through collaboration with various industry teams
6 mo

Jul 2012

Jan 2012

Intern - Business Analyst

Sabre Holdings
Full time On site
Analysis, development, improvement and usage of multiple Sabre software products to provide solutions to the clients in the airline industry.




Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

PGP in Management



Birla Institute of Technology and Science

B.E.(Hons.)-Electrical & Electronics Engineering