Naman Modi

Naman Modi

buildd-ing | Software Engineer | COEP '21

Mumbai, India


4 yr, 3 mo
1 yr, 2 mo


Aug 2022

Software Engineer

Full time On site
12 mo

Jul 2022

Jul 2021

Associate Software Engineer

Veritas Technologies LLC • Pune, Maharashtra, India
Full time On site
Worked in the Veritas Backup Exec Engineering team.
5 mo

Jun 2021

Jan 2021

Software Engineering Intern

Veritas Technologies LLC
Full time On site
• Interesting work related to ransomware detection, applying concepts of security over file systems/backups, and ideating various methods including ML techniques to solve the purpose. Mostly worked with C++, Python.
2 mo

Jul 2020

May 2020

Software Engineering Intern (Technology & Innovation)

Standard Chartered GBS
Full time On site
• Developed internal APIs for the application to streamline the data flow in Java. • Was responsible for automating the end-to-end as well as web-services testing of an application, using Gherkin, Java Selenium, and Genie Framework which reduced the project delivery time by 40%.
1 mo

Jul 2019

Jun 2019

Machine Learning Intern

IOPhysics Systems
Full time On site
• Worked on multiple object detection in images and Video related analytics using OpenCV, to increased the search efficiency, by tagging the images with appropriate labels and using the labels for reverse search.
0 mo

Dec 2019

Dec 2019

Winter School Fellow

Persistent Systems
Full time On site
• Learned about various Classical Optimizations performed by compilers and optimizing heap memory usage, using SPAN tool from Prof. Khedker. • Functional Programming language 'Gofer' was introduced and automata were discussed in deep as a part of 'Theory of Computation' lecture series. • At the end of the winter school, I developed a basic compiler for a specific language using Gofer.



Shri. T. P. Bhatia Junior College of Science

Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC)


Witty International School

Cambridge IGCSE



College of Engineering Pune

Bachelor of Technology (Hons) , Information Technology