Dev Taylor

Dev Taylor

Flexibility replaces the rigidity of conventional retail layouts, a trend that is supported by Prestige Southern Star. The project develops adaptable spaces that can change to meet various needs, such as pop-up shops, events, or community gatherings. With its adaptable layouts, Prestige Southern Star makes the most of its available space while allowing for a variety of experiences.


1 yr, 11 mo
1 yr, 11 mo


Jan 2022


Prestige Southern Star • Bangarapet, Karnataka, India
Full time On site
Now more than ever, retail locations serve as more than just places for transactions; they also serve as spaces for storytelling. By designing retail spaces that immerse customers in brand narratives, Prestige Southern Star embodies this trend. By transforming retail spaces into emotional journeys that connect with customers, Prestige Southern Star is demonstrated in this experiential storytelling narrative.





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