The most fun way
to learn a business
skill for FREE.

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With just a few minutes a day, buildd is the only app you need to learn marketing, product, entrepreneurship and 100+ other skills.

Fun. Smart. Free.

Our interactive lessons, designed with a touch of playfulness, make mastering the essentials of business both enjoyable and intellectually stimulating.

No hidden fees, just pure learning joy.
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Learn a New Business Skill

These short, engaging lessons are perfect for busy schedules, allowing you to learn something new in just a few minutes a day.
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Personalized Learning Journey

Your learning path with 'buildd' is unique to you.
Our advanced AI technology assesses your strengths and areas for growth, customizing the course content to suit your individual pace and learning style
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  • Feature 1 Learning Paths Embark on a personalized journey to reach your specific (business) learning goals.
  • Feature 2 Challenges & Games Learn business skills by playing fun trivia quizzes & your favorite childhood games.
  • Feature 3 Streaks Keep your learning flame alive. Maintain your streaks and watch your knowledge grow every day!
  • Feature 4 Badges Earn badges as you learn - a fun way to showcase your business skills journey!
  • Feature 5 Profile Your learning hub - track progress, set goals, and display your achievements proudly!
  • Here's what our users have to say...

    Great for learning and the best part is it is free!!!
    Chandan Singh
    Chandan Singh
    One of the few apps that I have opened more than once in this era. The way you have explained user-engagement, usability and other product terms, you have incorporated them in the product as well. Kudos, it's a great learning experience with buildd. Hopefully you can broaden your scope to many other tutorials, because the way you teach it, is great.
    Nilabhra Paul
    Nilabhra Paul
    Great App to learn and refresh your knowledge on Entrepreneurship
    Natumanya Guy Muriro
    Natumanya Guy Muriro
    I'm in love with this app, I'm never bored of the content.
    Kanthi B
    Kanthi B
    OMG this app is so goodd! I've been looking for something which can provide me business related knowledge in fun and interactive language and this app has done that for me!! I'm obsessed!! Kudos to the creator and the one who came up with the idea <3
    Prakrti Tiwari
    Been following buildd on Twitter for long time. Installed the app expecting same quality content that they share on twitter. Honestly it's above expectations. Really a treasure trove of knowledge if you want to learn about business growth, startups, and looking for case studies.
    Shehriar Ahmad
    Shehriar Ahmad