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Sean Rad

Sean Rad

Founder & CEO at Tinder

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Started on the side Doesn't code

Quick stats

$1.1Bn Net wealth 33 Yrs Age 2012 Year of founding


2005 Founder, Orgoo 2006 Founder, Adly 2012-Present Tinder, Founder


BBA, University of Southern California

Personal Information

Partner Lizzie Grover Rad

The Spark

When Sean Rad started his first company Orgoo, he met Justin Mateen, with whom he later co-founded Tinder. Post his stint with Aldy and while working on the app Cardify at Hatch Labs (a mobile app incubator, based out of New York), Rad was tinkering with the idea of building a flirting app based on the concept of 'hot-or-not'.‍

The Launch

In a Hackathon conducted by Hatch Labs, Sean Rad, in collaboration with Joe Munoz built Matchbox, which was along the lines of a flirting app. Matchbox won the Hackathon, and the team shifted their attention towards its future development. After 3 weeks and an investment of $50,000 (part of which was from IAC), a polished version of Matchbox was ready for the launch. Matchbox was re-branded as Tinder, and the app was launched in 2012.


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