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Stepan Pachikov

Founder, board member, СEO (unitl June 2007) at EverNote

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Quick stats

$10 Mn Net wealth 71 Yrs Age 2002 Year of founding


1989-1997 Founder, CEO, ParaGraph Int'l 1996-Present Co-founder, a Board Member, ParaScript 1997-1998 Corporate VP, SGI 1998-1999 SVP, General manager, Vadem 2002-Present EverNote, Founder, board member, СEO (unitl June 2007)


Ph.D., computer science, Lomonosov Moscow State University

Personal Information

Partner Svetlana Children 1 Parents Ekaterina Pankova, Alexander Stepanovich Pachikov

The Background

ParaGraph International, the company Stepan Pachikov used to work for earlier, provided handwriting recognition technology to Apple. In 1993, Apple used to ship a gadget called Newton's handheld computer which utilised the technology patented by ParaGraph. Stepan Pachikov was largely inspired by the note taking feature of Newton, which included scrolling back and forth through every item listed. Pachikov also noticed that the note-taking software space was dull in terms of innovation, even though the market was saturated with many products already existing that enabled people to take notes on their devices.‍

The Spark

One common theme that Stapan Pachikov observed was that each such tool had two main features, which, for him, were limitations. One was that they stored only snippets of information, and the other, that the storage was available only for the short-term. Pachikov's idea was to build a major upgrade, addressing these limitations. He wanted to create an app that could store all the information one wished to remember, and store it for an indefinite period of time.

The Vision

Stepan Pachikov's vision was to see every handheld device (now smartphones) integrated with Evernote.

The Launch

Stepan Pachikov completed the build of Evernote and first launched it as a Windows app in the year 2000.


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