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After making tons of mistakes, we realized SEO is not just simple, it is VERY simple. It is just complicated by popular marketers.

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Gladwyn Lewis
Gladwyn Lewis

I love your insights and your experience in SEO is absolutely amazing. I have learnt so much from you regarding SEO and Content Marketing.

Our business has actually got a lot of gains, because of the tips that I learnt from you. You've been instrumental.

Dagobert Renouf
Dagobert Renouf

About to embark on the journey again for my product (used to do SEO 12 years ago).

Thanks for sharing all of this, I will update my knowledge 🀩

Ruchika A
Ruchika A

I do this a lot too when explaining tech concepts to non techies πŸ˜€

This is a brilliant analogy for SEO!

Nikunj Adeshra
Nikunj Adeshra

You guys never stop impressing with your content and way of writing!

This is gold for founders who are struggling with SEO. Much better content on SEO than the ones sold for $$ on ed-tech platforms.

Dinesh Rao
Dinesh Rao

Count me as one of your student Karthik.

Last 6 months that am following you on Twitter, have learnt about SEO and it’s importance for business growth. Will look forward to learning lot more from you.

Sanketh Sharath
Sanketh Sharath

This is gold. I have seriously invested in learning SEO, thanks to your tweets.

I am growing and getting better day by day as far as my SEO skills are concerned. It is indeed a superpower!

Akshay Hunka
Akshay Hunka

A must read thread for every startup. Paid marketing might be a good starting point but at the end it's only SEO that matters.

Thanks Karthik for sharing this wonderful thread!

Pramod N Uniyal
Pramod N Uniyal

Very impressive, Karthik!

We too have great faith in SEO and have been doing that consistently for a while now.

Hope we see something like your numbers in due course :)

Kalpesh Wadekar
Kalpesh Wadekar

This is one of the best SEO threads to start with SEO and rank the website.

I loved it. It was insightful and I will use it to grow my business through SEO πŸ™ŒπŸ˜

Rushikesh Gaikwad
Rushikesh Gaikwad

SEO insights from Karthik and buildd are becoming better and more informative than sejournal emails!

Kalpesh Wadekar
Kalpesh Wadekar

I jumped onto the buildd profile and, I found their content so interesting that,

I read all the tweets and threads for 1.5 hours!

Ilir πŸ’―
Ilir πŸ’―

A blog is one of the key features for a website's SEO to grow attention organically.

(Taught to us by buildd πŸ™)

So we are starting one for NoCodeHustler!

Siddharth Darwade
Siddharth Darwade

Wow! Fantastic! Amazing!

Thanks a lot buildd for sharing valuable content for entrepreneurs.


Shoutout to Karthik and the entire buildd team.

They've done such an incredible job at content that I now write "buildd" instead of "build".

And, the SEO course is phenomenal.

Our startups get:
  • 1.5M+ monthly visits
  • $3M+ revenue
  • 4M+ views on twitter

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