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Darin Feinstein

Darin Feinstein

Founder at Core Scientific

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Quick stats

Net wealth 48 Yrs Age 2017 Year of founding


1998 - 2017 Lawyer/Accountant 2009 - Present Owner, Black Start Investments 2017 - Present Founder, Core Scientific 2020 - Present Founder & Executive Chairman, Blockcap


1990 - 1993 University of Wisconsin 1993 - 1995 University of Arizona 1995 - 1998 Southwestern Law School

Personal Information

Partner NA

The Backstory

Many people see college as a nerve-wracking environment due to loads of coursework and the dreary final-year undergraduate thesis. Darin Feinstein begs to differ. He studied at three different prestigious universities from 1990-1998. After this long learning stretch, Feinstein became a licensed accountant and lawyer.

You might expect him in a board meeting in Morgan Stanley or working as a practising attorney for the US government. However, Feinstein’s current career activities paint a different story.

An Early Bird Investor

The early years of bitcoin drew little attention, and few people knew enough to invest in it. Feinstein was an early adopter of the bitcoin network, investing in it in 2012. Since then, he has been deeply involved in building valuable businesses within and outside crypto. He says, “Bitcoin won’t go away. It’s an invaluable tech and the best accounting tool invented so far.”

Building Businesses in the Blockchain Space

Feinstein co-founded Core Scientific (CORZ) in 2017. The company is a leading platform that builds next-gen blockchain infrastructure and technology. Feinstein’s CORZ agreed to issue $100 million shares to B.Riley, an investment bank. Also, the company raised approximately $167 million via bitcoin sales.

As CORZ grew, so did Feinstein’s drive for building blockchain-powered businesses. He founded Blockcap in 2020. Like CORZ, Blockcap is a crypto infrastructure that securely mines digital assets. Feinstein and experts at Blockcap acquired mining assets from five blockchain companies. He also purchased blockchain service firms to expand Blockcap's operations and growth.

Merging both Businesses

Feinstein’s companies grew impressively, and he realised their operations could be well coordinated under one umbrella. In 2021, CORZ acquired Blockcap via a stock merger and rebranded to Core Scientific, Inc.

Building Ventures in Other Industries

Feinstein’s investment drive cuts across other booming industries. The investor took to curate a world-class team to venture into a new field. They founded Black Star Investments in 2012. The company manages a diverse portfolio covering real estate holdings, restaurants, and entertainment.

Feinstein oversees the company’s operations and business acquisitions. Afterwards, he established Red Mercury Entertainment in Las Vegas. The business organises world-class entertainment shows and concerts.

Giving Back to the Community

You can spot Feinstein helping non-profit organisations and charities when he isn’t evaluating a company for investment. He supported several organisations in Las Vegas during the Covid-19 pandemic. Some include Keep Memory Alive, All Star Kids, and SafeNest.


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