Dropbox wastes no time in prioritizing remote work

After announcing their remote working plans, Dropbox has introduced new features and initiatives to support WFH.

Earlier last month Dropbox announced going remote-first after the pandemic forced the company to rethink its strategy based on the new requirements of a work-from-home world.  Now, Dropbox introduces new features and initiatives to support its remote working stance. 

Built by remote workers for remote working

Dropbox launched Spaces 2.0, a new version of the collaboration and project management tool which was introduced last year- it is now specifically designed with the remote working requirements in mind. Dropbox has moved from simply being a place to store and share files to a service for collaboration. These two features in Spaces are worth taking a look at:

 • Virtual Workspace
Spaces plans to makes it easier by bringing together files, cloud content, tasks, comments, and timelines into a single Space for teams. Time to forget searching and scrambling while focusing on getting more work done!

 • HQ-level security
Dropbox also introduced a ton of new certifications that meet the most stringent enterprise security standards. With cybersecurity threats on the rise ever since the switch to remote, this feature would be sought after by companies prioritizing reliable, enterprise-level protection to safeguard their digital assets.

Healthy food, healthy life

As working from home has become the norm, the lines between work and leisure have been blurred with some workers even skipping their routine activities like having meals to accommodate their work schedule. To help remote workers prioritize and upgrade their lunch breaks, Dropbox partners with The Infatuation to create The Lunch Dropbox - a food delivery program with the goal of reclaiming personal time and inspiring better work.

This initiative not just helps local eateries who have been affected due to the pandemic, but also encourages remote workers to take time out for themselves. Glad to see new remote companies like Dropbox take initiatives to promote a healthy remote working lifestyle while setting an example for others. 🙌