Quidli - Reward Employees with Crypto

Hrishikesh, co-founder of Flexiple, reviews Quidli, a crypto-based employee reward tool created by Justin Ahn.

Justin and I got to talking about the product they're working on, Quidli, and I found it to be really cool. It helps you reward employees with Crypto - super easy to setup/ use and very low transaction fees.

I thought it would be great to share my thoughts on the product & website over a quick video. I am hoping Justin & team would find some of them helpful :-)


This sparked off a lively discussion in the community.

Mark, who's worked remotely for over 5 years, was curious to know the markets currently being served.

To this Justin replied,

"We aim to serve all markets actually (remote first 😃). If you already own crypto then you can transfer any amount and manage from our interface designed for teams from anywhere. However, if you need to purchase from us, there are some KYC requirements demanded by our payment gateway partner. Debit/bank and or credit cards from most countries are accepted with exceptions listed here.

If you’re interested or need support for onboarding, do let me know how I can be of further help. Otherwise, you can also email me directly at [email protected]!"


In another thread, Justin also gave a brief summary of his product:

"Quidli enables users to manage and share cryptocurrencies as employee perks. Why? Because while crypto is admittedly speculative, it’s still valuable, flexible, and more usable than for example virtual points with limited redemption options. And as perks/incentives, crypto is ideal for sharing with globally remote teams as you don’t have to localize anything.

So for users receiving & holding the more stable Dai cryptocurrency, you now automatically earn interest (paid out in more Dai) directly to your accounts, like with a savings account but with better rates (>3% as of this post) and less fees! 💸 Basically, Dai is designed for its value to be closely pegged to the US Dollar so 1 DAI = ~1 USD so you don’t have to worry about value fluctuation.

Of course, you’re also free to withdraw and use your crypto any way you want as well 😎

For more details, check out: https://medium.com/quidli/holding-dai-on-quidli-youre-now-automatically-earning-interest-ef872191d302"


Following the summary, Karthik, co-founder of Flexiple and Justin discussed the specs:

Karthik: “Brilliant Justin - thanks for the candour and also the details :)

I somehow feel this can become a really exciting game internally too for teams. Do you also think that this could work for smaller transactions? In which case the use case of https://bonus.ly/ can probably be looked into by Quidli. So not only do employers give bonuses but employees give one another small gifts in crypto to recognise some quality work.

Just feel that if the hype around crypto can be combined with the utility of it to make a functional yet enjoyable game for all.”

Justin: “We’re definitely seeking to do collaborations with tools that already do “static” points/kudos/gold stars. We see it as a natural fit for those that want to expand the scope of such points a little bit more.”