Zero code. 6 hours build time. Saving 40 hours/ project by building a slick dashboard

Find how the automated workflow at Flexiple used when a new requirement is available was built in a few hours.

Here's what Karthik Sridharan, co-founder of Flexiple, has to say about building the project dashboard at Flexiple using #NoCode:

Hey everyone,

I always keep looking for areas to automate internally so that we can rather focus on doing more productive and tougher work :)

This time I automated the workflow after a client gives us a requirement. We had a manual outreach process to all our freelancers. Now, we have actually built a dashboard through which freelancers can easily apply.

I did it without writing a single line of code and it was all done in 6 hours. I share more details about it in the below Twitter thread.



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