After Twitter's Parag Aggarwal, a new Indian CEO will sit on YouTube's throne!

Neal Mohan joins the ranks of a long list of famous Indian-origin CEOs of multinational companies in the US, after he was appointed as the CEO of YouTube on Friday!

20th February 2023
1 min read

There is a NEW Silicon Valley CEO in town. But, guess what country he is from?

Indian-origin executives taking the top position in companies account for 5% of all CEOs in public US-based MNCs.

And, now Neal Mohan is joining the ranks of this amazing list, that includes names like Satya Nadella of Microsoft and Sundar Pichai of Alphabet!

Wondering what I am talking about?

Well, on Friday, Susan Wojcicki quit as the YouTube CEO, who was then replaced by Indian-American business executive Neal Mohan.

Both Susan and Neal have held top positions at YouTube and Google for the better part of 2 decades. They have contributed immensely to building YouTube to the brilliantly massive company it is today, generating ~$30B in revenue!

So, let’s get to know more about YouTube’s history, its ties with Google and its 2 amazing CEOs! What better way to do this than a quiz 😉


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$69B: Microsoft makes all-time largest tech acquisition!

How Fevicol became a monopoly, and dominates the adhesives industry

Pidilite, Fevicol's parent company, was founded in 1959 by Balvantray Kalyanji Parekh. Its STAR product Fevicol is extremely popular in India, with a whopping ~70% market share!

But, how did Pidilite hit it out of the park with Fevicol? Well, it's pretty simple. You see, in 1950, carpenters used fat-based glue which was inconvenient, clumsy and required heating before using it.

Now, generally, in the adhesive market, ~60% of the revenue comes from the industrial segment, while ~40% comes from the consumer segment.

Fevicol, on the contrary, makes ~80% of its revenue from consumers, while ~20% from industrial sales.

So, Pidilite packaged ready to use, Fevicol adhesive into smaller containers and sold them directly to consumers and carpenters to target a wider market.

If we do some quick math, we can figure out how much Fevicol makes from households and consumers.

- Total households = 25 crore
Suppose 80% of households use about 5 small tubes of Fevicol, so total revenue generated = 80% x 25 Cr x 20 x 5 = INR 2000 crores

Total carpenters = ~10 lakh
Suppose 50% of them use Fevicol, total number of carpenters using Fevicol = 500,00
If each carpenter uses ~200 kg of Fevicol in a year, then we get = INR 40,000
Total revenue generated = 40,000 x 500,000 = ~INR 2000 crores

Totally, Fevicol makes INR 4000 crores from households and carpenters! Now, Fevicol does a lot to keep these carpenters loyal to the product. Plus, you can't deny the fact that it solves a real pain point for consumers (remember the green bottle gum?).

So, Fevicol's monopoly is 100% intact and it'll be tough for competitors to beat "Fevicol ka mazboot jod"!

$69B: Microsoft makes all-time largest tech acquisition!

Satya Nadella just spent $70B for the Metaverse! Largest tech acquisition ever.

Microsoft's been gobbling tech companies & startups: LinkedIn: $26B | Nuance: $20B | Skype: $9B | GitHub: $7.5B

But they paid more than all 4 combined for Activision!

What does Activision Blizzard even do?
Owns famous games across platforms:
- Candy Crush: 2.7 billion downloads in 2017!
- Call of Duty
- World of Warcraft, etc

But, last year, Activision was sued for having a toxic workplace culture.
CEO Bobby Kotick, had not taken action despite knowing of these happenings.
Employees protested on social media, and 200+ employees even staged a walkout in November.

Now, back in November, Microsoft condemned Activision's culture. But, after the backlash, Microsoft had an easy target in Activision. But, why is Microsoft so eager to buy this gaming company? Well, there are many reasons!

A) Microsoft will now be the 3RD BIGGEST video game company.

Only 2 more to beat:
- China's Tencent: League of Legends & PUBG fame
- Play Station maker, Sony

B) The Metaverse has 2 bets — 1) revolutionising gaming and, 2) virtual office

Microsoft already sees Minecraft & Halo as part of the Metaverse concept.

Now, the horizon is broader: huge game communities can create their own Metaverses.

C) No more paying app store fees to Apple & Google!

Microsoft's gaming empire becomes so big that gamers come to it directly.

D) Microsoft has 0 mobile gaming presence. Candy Crush by itself makes their position strong.

This $70B deal has the potential to shake up the entire gaming industry!