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Madhu Trehan

Madhu Trehan

Founder at Newslaundry

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NA Net wealth Yrs Age 2012 Year of founding


1975 Co-Founder, India Today 1986 Founder, Newstrack 2012-Present Co-Founder, Newslaundry


1962 Welham Girls’ School 1968 Harrow Technical College & School of Arts 1972 Columbia University

Personal Information

Partner Naresh Trehan

Origin Story

Madhu Trehan, born in the 1940s, spent her early learning days at the Welham Girls’ school in Dehradun. She moved to London to study journalistic photography at Harrow Technical College and School of Art. She advanced her journalism education at Columbia University, securing a master’s degree. It’s exciting how she relocated to different regions to learn. This adventurous spirit also permeated her career.

Moreover, Madhu’s passion for journalism bonds strongly to her family members' professions.  

Becoming a Journalist

Madhu shares something special with her family aside from blood relations. Her father, V.V. Purie, manages the Thompson press. Together, they co-founded Today–a widely read news magazine–in 1975. She functioned as an editor while her brother, Aroon Purie, served as a publisher.

Madhu left the company's management to her brother, moving to New York to nurture her family. At this point, people may quit their career life to focus squarely on their homes. But Madhu brilliantly handled work-life balance, forging ahead in building her journalism career.

Developing More Career Experience

Madhu came back to India in 1986, and this led to vital career accomplishments. She launched and anchored Newstrack, the first video news magazine in India. However, the company didn’t spring forth from a bed of roses.

The British-era law in India prevented news broadcasts from private companies. Madhu beat this by planning to deliver news in a cassette. Yet, there was another barrier looming ahead. She said, “We spent lakhs crafting surveys to identify if people were interested in the news. The feedback was a resounding ‘no’.”

She took a big leap, going on with production of the cassettes. It was a successful move that attracted advertisers. 

In 1994, Madhu interviewed Yakub Memon, who was linked to the 1993 Bombay bombings. It’s the only interview of the convict. Also, she founded Newslaundry in 2012. The platform's objective is to function as an independent news media.

Life Outside Journalism

Madhu met Naresh Trehan in her teens and later tied the knot in 1969.  


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